Becoming A Better Developer

The Subtle Path To Enlightenment

Charles West Cope: “RTFM”, Oil on canvas, 1872

So you want to become a better developer? No matter what your current status is, this guide will give you a few tips to help you improve, shown in bold.

Now, instead of a bland set of recommendations we have all read 1000 times by now, I will try to make original points backed by data, or at least by my own experience.

I will include my personal experiences in colored boxes like this one, quite often extracted from my current company.


This series started life as a looong article, so I have divided it into four parts, from less to more experienced.


If you want a quick fix, take a look at my presentation for


This article has benefited a lot from discussions with Alfredo López Moltó, Fran Barea, Javi Jiménez, Yarilo Villanueva, Guillermo Fernández.

Special thanks to the good people at, thanks to whom I had the motivation to write this post.

All errors and omissions are mine.

Published on 2016-09-18, last edited on 2016-10-26. Comments, improvements?

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