Alex Made a Web Page

You have found the secret lair of Alex Fernández. Congrats!

I am a developer (little) known on Twitter as pinchito.

Here on my blog I like to write about my job in software engineering, in articles marked with the tag #SoftEng. I also write about other things I’m interested in like space launchers or linguistics #OT. Some articles are in Spanish #ES.


Latest articles first.

Public Talks

Videos of talks at events and conferences, from less to more embarrassing.

You can also see my full speaker profile. I have spoken at a few more events over the years, but the talks have not always been recorded or published.


In case you are interested about my past experience, here you go. I sometimes work as a freelancer for short-term engagements such as teaching courses, giving private talks or working on an interesting project for a few days. If you have a proposal let me know. Note to recruiters: I am not looking for a job right now.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Please browse my other projects.


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