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Alex Fernández (@pinchito)

I have collected my public speaker experience in this page: more than five years speaking at diverse conferences, lately mostly about Javascript and DevOps.


List of conferences, latest first.

Codemotion Madrid 2018

¿Quién ha visto tu código?: slides, video.
Spain Madrid, Spain

Codemotion Berlin 2018

Has Anyone Else Seen your Code?, slides.
Germany Berlin, Germany

FullStack London 2017

Build Your Own DevOps Infrastructure, slides, video.
UK London, UK

DevOps Pro Moscow 2016

The FullStack DevOps: slides, video.
Russia Moscow, Russia

FullStack London 2016

FullStack DevOps: slides, video.
UK London, UK

DevOps Pro Vilnius

Should I Build or Should I Not: slides, video.
Lithuania Vilnius, Lithuania

Community Leadership Summit CLSxMadrid

Leadership: slides.
Spain Madrid, Spain

Codemotion 2015

La arquitectura fluida: slides, video.
Spain Madrid, Spain


The Fluid Architecture: slides.
Spain Barcelona, Spain

enterJS 2015

The Fluid Architecture: slides.
Germany Darmstaadt, Germany

jsDay 2015

The Fluid Architecture: slides, video.
Italy Verona, Italy

JSDayES 2015

Charla motivacional: slides, video. Spain Madrid, Spain

T3chFest 2015

Ingeniería Reversible: slides, video.
Spain Madrid, Spain

Codemotion Madrid 2014

Scalability Lessons: Beyond 85 Krps: slides.
Spain Madrid, Spain

Big Data Spain 2014

Building an Analytics Database on a Dime, slides, video.
Spain Madrid, Spain

dotJS 2014

NPM Quality (lightning talk): slides.
France Paris, France

WeNode 2014

Scalability Lessons: Beyond 70 Krps, slides.
Spain Barcelona, Spain

Berlin Expert Days 2014

Reversible Engineering, slides.
Germany Berlin, Germany

Node.js Conf 2014

Scalability Lessons, slides, video.
Italy Brescia, Italy

Other Events

I have spoken at a number of local Meetups about many topics: Node.js, JavaScript, Scalability, DevOps, even Wordpress. Below you can find a few videos of those interventions, in Spanish.

All of these materials and more are online.

In a previous life I spoke at a couple of eGovernment conferences, which I will spare you here.

Community Organizer

From 2014 to 2019 I was the organizer of MadridJS and Node.js Madrid, along with Manu Fosela and Javier Vélez. We gathered monthly to talk about JavaScript and gossip about the latest developments in the community.

I have helped organize three editions of JSDayES: 2015, 2016 and 2017. In the latest 2017 edition we received about 600 attendees and featured 35 speakers from over 10 countries. Over the years we have brought many local and international figures in the JavaScript scene to Madrid, including Javi Santana, CTO of Carto, and substack, creator of Browserify.


Since the partial demise of Lanyrd I cannot add more engagements there, and I prefer to have control over my data.

You can also browse my complete CV.


If you have a proposal feel free to contact me at alexfernandeznpm@gmail.com. Thanks for making it this far!

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